Finishing up our festival run. On to the release!

Hey all. We’re very near the end of our festival run (one more to go in September — we’ll post the info when it becomes available).

So far it’s been an awesome ride. I (David) was able to attend our premiere at Cinequest, which was a total blast, and I was also able to go to our Newport Beach FIlm Festival screening with the likes of co-producer Patrick Fugit. (Click here for a laugh.)

The rest I missed out on, but heard good things.

Once this last fest screening is over, we’re going to jump into our self-distribution plan for MCD, and officially release it to the public. We’ll be courting VOD accounts and taking the film on a theatrical tour of the Northwest first, then hopefully on to other parts of the country. We’re currently in the process of organizing this (via awkward group Gmail video chats, since the filmmakers are currently spread out all over the country) and as soon as we’ve got a solid schedule for our tour, we’ll give it to y’all.

— David Fetzer

Patrick and David at Newport