Thank You

Thank you everyone, you are an important piece of the film-making puzzle. I want to say thank all of you–those of you I know personally, Ashly’s loyal fans, David and the rest of the crew’s friends and families, and of course those of you who just want to support projects you like and believe in.

Connor Arrington
Chase Barney
Coleman Barney
Kaylene Barney
Laura Besterfeldt
Gentry Blackburn
Jesse Brown
Anna Brozek
Chris Brozek
Patti Carpenter
Jared Chad
Dave Chamberlain
Linda Chamberlain
Paul Chamberlain
Rachel Chamberlain
Will Chamberlain
Bryan Clifton
Joe Compton
Hailee Dalton
Bonnie Despain
Jim Despain
Josh Despain
Adam DiFrischia
Zachary R Donelson
Jamie Dwyer
Connie Elleebeck
Mike Elleebeck
Welby Evangelista
Kristin Everson
Robin Fairchild
Jim Faulkner
Nick Foster
Cathy Foy
Dominic Fratto
Flint Freiman
Patrick Fugit
Jamie Gadette
Aubrey Golightly
Bill Gray
Tamy Gray
Marla Groves
Lindsay Heath
Jay Hoflich
Kate Hoflich
Brett Jones
Katherine Jones
Erik Jorgensen
Nan Jorgensen
Tracy Kidd
Tim Ross Lee
Charlie Lewis
Oliver Lewis
Amy Beth Lieber
Sulai Lopez
Gerry Maravilla
Ariane Mates
Quinn McCallum-Law
Shannon McCallum-Law
Derek Mellus
Mariah Mellus
Gwen Miller
Lance Mitchell
Jenny Morgan
Tim Myers
Brian Nappi
Noelle Nappi
Adam Nelson
Anni Nelson
Debbie Nelson
Kathryn Nelson
Tim Nelson
Nicholas Pawlowski
Charlie Perry
Glen Riches
Hiroko Riches
Ladean Riches
Naomi Riches
Waine Riches
Bruce Robertson
Betsy Ross
Will Sartain
Lance Saunders
Adam Sear
Andrew Shaw
Larry Skinner
Chris Ratcliffe-Smith
Glade Sowards
Jean Stowell
Mikael Grahn Svanborg
Dan Thomas
Elizabeth Toscano
Mary Toscano
Josh Waldroup
James Welch
Barry Wilden
Janet Riches Willden
Jim Williams
Matthew Williams
Tieg Zaharia
Bank Robber Music
Dead Oceans
Desert Noises
Especially For You
ExUmbrella Records
Frosty Darling Boutique
High West Distillery
House of Chuckles
Kilby Records
Miller Guymon, P.C.
New Jerusalem Music
Palace of Buddies
Redman Movies and Stories
Salt Lake City Cemetery
Salt Lake Film Commission
Salt Lake Film Society
Salt Lake Monument
Scenic Motel
Siesta Motel
Slowtrain Record Shop
Sub Pop Records
Third Side Music Inc.
Tin Angel Café
Tolchock Trio
Uinta Brewing Company
Urban Lounge
Utah Museum of Natural History
Visual Art Institute
Western Vinyl

And a special thanks to:
Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’ & All the HAWP supporters and fans
Kickstarter & All of our Kicksstarter supporters!

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