Northwest tour

After an amazing reception from friends and filmgoers at Salt Lake City Film Festival, David, Paul, Cara and I hit the road for our first theatrical tour. We met up with Ashly for the tail end of the tour too! From SLC we hit Boise, Bend, Corvallis, Portland, and Seattle. Six cities, and twelve screenings later, we’re all back in our respective cities planning the next tour. Here are some pics from the first of hopefully many tours! Oh, and fun fact: the day after we screened at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, they shot an episode of Portlandia there. Yep. Neat.

Photos by: Paul Chamberlain (thanks Pauly!)

-Kenny Riches


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Finishing up our festival run. On to the release!

Hey all. We’re very near the end of our festival run (one more to go in September — we’ll post the info when it becomes available).

So far it’s been an awesome ride. I (David) was able to attend our premiere at Cinequest, which was a total blast, and I was also able to go to our Newport Beach FIlm Festival screening with the likes of co-producer Patrick Fugit. (Click here for a laugh.)

The rest I missed out on, but heard good things.

Once this last fest screening is over, we’re going to jump into our self-distribution plan for MCD, and officially release it to the public. We’ll be courting VOD accounts and taking the film on a theatrical tour of the Northwest first, then hopefully on to other parts of the country. We’re currently in the process of organizing this (via awkward group Gmail video chats, since the filmmakers are currently spread out all over the country) and as soon as we’ve got a solid schedule for our tour, we’ll give it to y’all.

— David Fetzer

Patrick and David at Newport

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Review by Ray Schillaci

Great review of the Phoenix Film Festival by Ray Schillaci included a nice nod to Must Come Down:

“Director, Kenny Riches demonstrates a wonderful sense of humor and pathos with “Must Come Down”. Two very quirky individuals briefly find each other while trying to get through their early twenties crisis. Riches has found the perfect cast to convey the off-beat people that are marching to their own drum while sometimes banging it a little too loud around normal people, bringing a smile and laugh to all of us. Everything about this film echoes independent and cult, and it is a refreshing journey after so many studio driven rom-coms that we have all been subjected to.”

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Next Up!


and then…


Very excited to be part of these festivals! Woot!

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Must Come Down was selected to have an encore screening at Cinequest! Whoa! Thanks Cinequest, I heart you…

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On the road, but staying in SF for a few days, just long enough to try to catch up on some things. Things like a Must Come Down poster!

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San Jose to San Francisco

Thanks Cinequest! You were wonderful.

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For those that are hitting up Cinequest or Phoenix Film Festivals, you can get tickets here:


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Heading to the second screening of Must Come Down here at Cinequest, but thought I’d post this link to the Fandango blog. They posted our trailer! Thanks Fandango!

I’ll post some pics soon!

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Interview with Gavin!

Here’s a nice interview we did earlier this month! Only a few more days until we hit the road for Cinequest San Jose. Busy busy. Enjoy!

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