We’re making a new movie!

I’m really excited to announce that our new film, THE STRONGEST MAN, is underway and very close to completion. Ashly Burch is back along with Rob Lorie, Paul Chamberlain, Patrick Fugit, Freddie Wong, Davy Rothbart and more.

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Best Actress!

ASH best

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Victoria and Beyond

A lot has happened since my last post. The Short Films of David Fetzer was fully funded on Kickstarter, which enabled us to get it off the ground. It’s been an amazing process thus far and has really brought a lot of people that cared for David together to create something by him and for him. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for that! More to come as we complete editing on the first short and move into pre-production on the second.

Also, Must Come Down screened at Victoria Film Festival in Texas and David was nominated for Best Actor along with Rutger Hauer and John Hawkes, and our very own Ashly Burch won for Best Actress!! Stoked! Rutger was so kind as to cameo in the first David short too!

Next up, we screen in Berlin in August. More on that soon. Thanks everyone for your support, you’re awesome.

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For David…

I haven’t been very public about this, but I’m going to have to learn to be in order to make this project a reality.  I lost one of my best friends in December and it’s pretty much changed everything in my life.  David Fetzer, the lead role in Must Come Down, was an amazing, talented and loyal friend, and I hope this does him proud.  Please support if you can.  Thank you.  Here we go, Davey, this is my gift to you. THE FILMS OF DAVID FETZER

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RxSM Film Expo!

Must Come Down will be screening in Austin, TX, on March 14th at 8pm during the RxSM Film Expo!  If anyone is going to be there for SXSW, and wants to sneak on over to see it, please do.  http://www.rxsm.org/


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Oh, and you can now buy a DVD on AMAZON too!

Hey folks,

You can pick up a DVD through the STORE page above, or if you prefer to buy through Amazon, now you can!


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Today’s the day!

Must Come Down is officially available on DVD!! If you pre-ordered your copy, it’ll be sent out immediately. If you’ve been waiting since day one to get your mitts on this movie, you can now do so. It’s in the Must Come Down Store! Thanks for your support!

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Hey er’body! We got an amazing 4.5 star review on Chud! Stoked. SO STOKED.

Please check it out!

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DVD coming November 16th!!

Well folks, you’ve been waiting ever so patiently, and now it’s finally here!!


We’ll start shipping November 16th, pre-order you copy beginning November 9th.  Thanks for your support, this lil’ indie film could not be possible without it!

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New Poster

This is the new face of Must Come Down.  Peep it.  Ash and David looking quite dashing.



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